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The following information (Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) are intended to inform you of policies and procedures that you agree to follow through use of Cannabis Content PRO services as well as details on any and all information that Cannabis Content PRO gathers from you and how such information is maintained. Your use of our services constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of all information contained herein:

All Users

  • Cannabis Content PRO articles are released as-is, with no warranty.

  • By participating in Cannabis Content PRO, you do so at your own risk.

  • Each individual person is permitted one Cannabis Content PRO account.

  • You may not attempt to buy, sell, or transfer your Cannabis Content PRO account, whether via or any external means.

  • You may not use the Cannabis Content PRO platform or services to discuss, arrange, or solicit any form of agreement or service outside of Cannabis Content PRO.

  • Information collected and displayed via or any related subsidiary is for the use of Cannabis Content PRO management only.

  • Cannabis Content PRO management reserves the right to revoke your access to any Cannabis Content PRO services with or without cause and with or without notice.

  • Unauthorized use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offense.

  • Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of the United States.

  • If found in violation of any of the above guidelines, you will be subject to permanent removal from Cannabis Content PRO services.

Content Buyers / Clients

  • Most purchases are received and processed immediately, although some purchases are held for manual review by Cannabis Content PRO management. If your deposit is held for manual review, your payment from PayPal will be processed immediately, but you will not receive your points at Cannabis Content PRO until approved by Cannabis Content PRO staff. This will usually happen within a few hours but may be up to 24 hours depending on time of day.

  • Cannabis Content PRO management reserves the right to refuse any purchase with or without cause. If a purchase is refused, payment will be returned.

  • Refunds are not allowed under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to review all Terms & Conditions stated herein and make your purchase accordingly.

  • If you file a chargeback or payment reversal, your account and access are subject to permanent removal from Cannabis Content PRO.

Content Writers

  • All content contributed to Cannabis Content PRO must be in the English language.
  • You must be, at minimum, 16 years of age in order to earn money via writing content for Cannabis Content PRO
  • Content that is explicit, violent, hateful, or otherwise illegal is strictly prohibited.
  • Content submitted to Cannabis Content PRO must be 100% original and never used previously for any other purpose. Content may not be copied from any prior or existing website or publication and submitted to Cannabis Content PRO, even if the source content is your own. Do not, under any circumstances, copy or spin content from another source, as this will likely result in your access permanently revoked from Cannabis Content PRO.
  • Recycled content is prohibited (unsold content previously written for another client/purpose).
  • Content submitted to Cannabis Content PRO cannot be listed for sale at any other website or outlet. You reserve the right to remove unsold content from Cannabis Content PRO at any point to use elsewhere.
  • You may only submit each article to Cannabis Content PRO once. You cannot remove an existing listing and then resubmit the same article even if you modify it first.
  • Once your listed content is purchased by another Cannabis Content PRO user, you immediately surrender full rights to the content.
  • All content contributed to Cannabis Content PRO must be high-quality. A repeated history of low-quality content will result in suspension.
  • Promotional material of any nature is prohibited in content that you submit to Cannabis Content PRO unless when specifically requested by the buyer of a custom job that you have been selected to perform.

Payment Terms for Writers

  • Any payment less than $20.00 will incur a $1.00 fee (to come out of the payment that you request)
  • Payments of $20.00 or more will not incur a fee.
  • The requested amount will be deducted from your Cannabis Content PRO balance immediately, however the payment request will remain under review, and you will not receive your payment via PayPal until the request is approved.
  • All payment requests are reviewed within 24 hours. If approved, you will receive payment via PayPal at that time. If rejected, you will not receive payment, and the requested amount will be returned to your account balance.
  • Cannabis Content PRO management reserves the right to refuse any payment request with or without cause. In the event that a payment request is denied, any funds removed from your account during your request will be returned.
  • Review all Terms & Conditions prior to requesting payment. If you are found in violation of any Terms of Use, your payment request will be denied, and you will be subject to permanent removal from Cannabis Content PRO.
  • Cannabis Content PRO is not responsible for reporting your taxable income. You must follow the appropriate laws for your country or territory. If you are a US citizen and working for Cannabis Content PRO, your income may be reported by PayPal via a 1099-K. Read this from the IRS for more information.
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